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1. Cardgame played by children between 8-12. As with most other cardgames; the cards are overpriced and playing it pretty much guarantees that you will not have a social life and/or be constantly beaten up*.

2. Spin-off TV show of said cardgame. highlights include cards that come to life (admit it, who wouldn't want to be able to summon a 60ft high monster in the middle of a crowded shopping centre), characters with the fashion tastes of Boy George and plots that can confuse MENSA members**.

* Although there is hard evidence for Yu-Gi-Oh fans being homosexuals Some girls have also been seen playing it. Therefore some Yu-Gi-Oh fans may be able to find equally geeky girls, eliminating the need for homosexuality.

** The dubbed version of the cartoon suffers mainly from over-zealous censors, characters who sound like they have been voiced by stroke victims and constant mention of friendship, the fate of the world and the "heart of the cards".
Yu-gi-oh diehard: There is no way that you can beat me! My monster has 4000 attack points, and it's special effect means that you can't attack it!

Normal person: (walking by) Beat you at what?! I'm just catching a bus.
by Martianorbit July 26, 2005

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