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Acting a Rankin, Rankining. The behavior of a person or persons; Totally ridiculous and without explanation; The subject(s) symptoms may include but are not limited to: Unnecessary abbreviations of words (ie. "Let's get a pepper jack cheese fry appetizer from Addison's" becomes, "Lets go to Add's and get a pep jack chee fry app." Words that come up in common conversation are also not safe from random abbreviation. For example, Music becomes "tuneskis" beer "Brewskis" and someone who is acting in a jerk-like manor becomes "El Doucherino." Another symptom of The factor is the audible coo or screaming representation of excitement as one exhibiting symptoms of the factor cannot seem to say something like "Wow that sounds fun" Instead expressing excitement is limited to simple noises the most common being "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew" (Not to be confused with "woo") The final symptom of the factor is an outrageous extension of the mandible, making the chin the dominant part of the tell tale expression made when one is "Acting a Rankin" The list of symptoms is still being researched at medical and psychological labs at universities throughout the United states, a case in Japan has almost garunteed The Rankin factor will become a worldwide epidemic.
Bill: "Hey broski got any tuneskis and brewskis?"
-Bill is exhibiting features of "The Rankin Factor"

Robert:"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Chicks!"
-Robert's expression of excitement is not normal and is conducive to "The Rankin Factor"
by Marshall Sheets November 28, 2007

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