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The U.S economy according to the socialist radical leftist president Barack Hussein Obama.
Obama has induced his Obamanomics into the American economy thus making it worse than it was under George W. Bush.
by Marquis Canaday November 02, 2009
Some one who rightfully bashes one of the dumbest and most anti patriotic president in recent memory. Some one who talks down rightfully on a president who has trippled the American national debt three times in less than 90 days of his worthless service as president. Some one who knows and does not support the leftist socialist health care of the most empty - minded and unaccomplished pretty boy president named Barack Hussein Obama. An Obama basher is any of the patriotic Americans who see through the racist and anti American tendencies of the radical leftist who is president of America known as Barack Hussein Obama.
Barack Obama wishes to pass a socialist health care bill in order to kill older people in America. That is the reason Dr. Shelly is an Obama basher.
by Marquis Canaday November 02, 2009

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