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Gaycy, (aka Gay Tracy) is a super hot "self-employed" slore whose wardrobe consists of mostly striped shirts and MJ’s, or Mom-Jeans, which are worn strategically to hide her huge, alluring ass. Gaycy’s hairstyle is typically 80’s, with a healthy set of bangs covering her giant eyebrows. Her eating habits are unusual, as she avoids ketchup at all costs and often complains of being full after eating a single kernel of corn. Gaycy can be seen regularly applying lipstick in restaurants, on the street, and in washrooms as it is eternally coming off, likely due to all the head she’s constantly giving. When it comes to technology, Gaycy doesn’t have a clue, always relying on the men in her life to do such things as turn on the DVD player and “work the camera”.
Eg. "Are you putting on MORE lipstick?! How many BJ's have you given tonight? Slore! You are such a Gaycy!"

Shelley: "Can you take my photo in front of the C.N. Tower?"
Gaycy: "Sorry, I don't know how to work the camera. Ed handles that kind of stuff."
by Marmar Ramram February 12, 2010

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