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1 definition by MarleysLion

Geek Chic is a recent (retarded) trend that has popped up everywhere. First starting with hipsters, but like everything hipsters do, it has gone mainstream. Everyone thinks they're a geek now because the have a Facebook or own a high tech phone. Geek Chic has nothing to to with actual geeks, seeing as real geeks could care less about fashion and a lot of them think it's a vapid hobby.

Geek Chic within it's self is an oxymoron and ironic twist of events by people who are generally not geeks, attractive men and women who want to act like geeks but don't actually have the passion for geeky hobbies or the intellect. Real geeks got picked on, and were proud to call themselves geeks because they could construct their own PCs or were very good at math or something, not because they spend massive abouts of times on Xbox play Call Of Duty or in some consumer electronic like an iPod or iPhone. Real geeks consider iPods and iPhones basic shit.
Kate is the most popular hottest chick in school yet she fakes like she's a geek in Geek Chic. Knows only basic stuff about tech, and is only an average student.

Many celebrities nowadays dress in Geek Chic because it's the hottest new trend, and are not really geeks.
by MarleysLion January 19, 2011