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2 definitions by Markus The Conquerer

Another word for bagels due to them consistantly appearing in every episode of 'The O.C', usually being handled by Sandy Cohen in anticipation of being sliced in half in a bagel cutter.
Mother: Hey Timmy what would you like for lunch?

Son: I dunno mum, what do you think?

Mother: I'd love an O.C bun with cream cheese!

Son: That sounds great! I love O.C buns!
by Markus The Conquerer July 10, 2008
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Another word for condom, used to prevent unintentional impregnation
Hey man do you use a sleeve when your fucking Daisy?

Fuck no! I'd rather cut off my penis with a toilet seat than fuck using a sleeve!
by Markus The Conquerer July 10, 2008
26 35