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The substance that exits one's arse a few hours after eating McDonalds. Think 'McFlurry', imagine it brown in colour, with the same texture but different ingredients and that is the McShit.
"I'm gonna regret eating that McDonalds later, when i have a McShit."
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by Mark Standing July 07, 2006
Someone who is a simple idiot, that hasn't quite thought out the fact that with no one in control, they will be wiping their arse with leaves... They have no concept of the fact that businesses cannot work under Anarchy, so not only will toilet roll become unavailable, but so will food and within a couple of weeks of such state of affairs occurring, they will be hungry and forced to live of the land, and will go crying to their Mum about how they "wished it was like it was before anarchy started".

Someone, who whilst wanting to live in worse conditions than in the last hundreds of years, is quite happy to use computers and the internet and spend all their time clicking again and again on the 'DOWN' vote for anyone who questions Anarchy on the Urban Dictionary website.....for further proof of this fact, see how many more 'downs' I get than 'ups'.

A simpleton who fails to grasp the simple fact, that we STARTED with Anarchy many years ago. They overlook the glaringly obviously fact, that even if Anarchy was introduced now, eventually groups of armies would fight each other, and you'd get a group that eventually would rule over the country all over again.

"Mummy who's that dirty horrible man?". "Just keep walking dear, that's an Anarchist. He lives in squalor in his country, and has sneaked into our country, looking for a better life".
#anarchist #toilet roll #simpleton #lawless #war
by Mark Standing November 03, 2006
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