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One who ploaks
"Oh Jim, You're such a ploaker"
by Mark Sev May 09, 2006
Generaly used as a verb, the act of ploaking can be many different things.

1. Any act having to do or dealing with horses, televisions, or algebra.

2. Being able to see into the future, but it being physically impossible to tell anyone.

3. An infatuation with phalic lingo. (uncommon)
"Margerie, tell Daniel how to ploak. I tell you it is quite amazing."

"Get the hell out of here you ploakers!"
by Mark Sev May 09, 2006
A game where one person drops a duece in a bag, then you and your friends proceed to walk nonchalantly down a street with the bag of shit, taking little pieces out at a time and smearing it under peoples car door handles. Even though you may never see the persons expression, thinking about it is rewarding enough. Best if done at night.
"Oh man i gotta shit, and I'm pretty bored. Hey guys let's play handle the shit!"
by Mark Sev May 09, 2006

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