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Where one transforms into a child-like and immature state. Usually involving the consumption of mass amounts of alcohol supplemented with incoherent and biligerant behaviour.

Tard Outs can occur on a scale measured "level" 1 through 5. For the rare "train wreck" of a tard out, there is a level 6 which is referred to as a cataclysmic tard out.
Remember when Ty left 500 bucks on the blackjack table to go down and play poker. What a cataclysmic tard out!
#tardout #retardout #tard #passout #drunk
by Mark Procopio April 29, 2007
A helpless feeling of panic and rage brought on by the steep learning curve associated with Documentum.
My templates are not associated to my content files and these geeks keep telling me my relationships are screwed up.

I've got a serious case of shockumentum!
#documentum #dctm #dm_realationship #dmr_content #emc
by Mark Procopio November 15, 2007
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