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A fork chip is one of the crisy lil chips that stayed in the fryer too damm long.
However as they are crispier and more solid than the standard chip you can use the lil fella as a fork, stabbing it into its softer counter parts and eating them, while getting limited grease on ya fingers!
Messy Friend: Man i got mayo all over my flippin fingers, how come yours are so clean!?!?
Me: well my less informed chum, thats because im using a Fork Chip
by Mark Hunter-Uk March 10, 2008
Something that take's a lot longer than expected, to the point it starts to bore you, and you loose the will to live. The only thing that keeps you alive is the fact that the "Blongford" has something that you want and need.
Homie 1. Shit man this is is taking time!!
Homie 2. i no man, looks like we have another Blongford
by Mark Hunter-Uk March 31, 2008
When you got the killer Munchies, you order ya chips, burger, kebab ect. then dash out the door forgetting to grab one of thoses lil forks that were sat on the counter.

You leave the Chippie, Get in ya car car, drive off, park up to munch...then you realise...Fuck, no fork now ima get Mayo Hands
by Mark Hunter-Uk April 10, 2008
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