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3 definitions by Mark Abrams

Comedy/Rap Group originating from North West New Jersey. Group consists of two founding members, Big Time and The Juice.
"Yo, I just pissed my pants"
"Why you piss your pants?"
"Cause The Redd Zown is too damn funny."
"Never go to class, always stay up late
Redd Zown sharks always sleep past eight."
by Mark Abrams May 26, 2006
9 1
A style of dance created by The Redd Zown. Performed by releasing the shoulders while "flapping" one's hands and arms to the beat. Term could also be used in any sentence in place of a verb.
"The ladies love when Rob Cahill does the flap in the club"
"I flapped the bitch in the face"
"Do you mind if I flap around the car a little bit?"
by Mark Abrams July 17, 2006
2 2
Used as a greating or ending of a conversation, similar to Aloha.
"Shabookie bro, How you been?"
"Good man, just got a copy of The Redd Zown's debut album Home Brewed"
"That's awesome, I'm gonna go get a copy now"
"Alright man, Shabookie!"
by Mark Abrams July 26, 2006
12 20