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A shit well: an excavation or structure created in the ground by digging, driving, boring or drilling to dispose of your fecal matter (excrement/shit) from your anus.

-Ero is mexican derived
DAVIS: "Bruh!! I gotz to go's use dah restroom.. i gotz to go shit!!!!"

RANDOM STRANGER: "TMI!!! Dude!! ..The fuck is wrong with YOU?!?!"

MARIO: "Hey, Davis you wanna come down and use my shitero?"

DAVIS: Yeeeh!! Bruh!! Cause I aintz got nowherez else to go!! U a lyfe saveh (saver)!!!" _________________________________________________

MOM: "Lucy, go out clean the shitero!!!"

LUCY: "But moooom!!!"
by Maris/Madea April 20, 2011
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