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2 definitions by Marie Dennan

a slut with the biggest boobs you've ever seen. She loves to fight, party and have sex of course, they commonly live in Florida on a show called Jersey Shore
Jersey Shore is totally Snooki
by Marie Dennan November 27, 2010
20 44
a brat from ages 3- to possibly the rest of their lives

that may try to act like you (if it does it won't leave you alone.) here are some symptoms to clarify if you are one

1. will have a tantrum if it doesn't get its way
2. will cry to its parent

3. will lie about being hit, smacked, punched etc.
4. parent will indulge into its want

note: if you got 1-4 of any of those you should get over yourself because the world isn't going to break its back for you
Wow I can't believe what a Phoebe Leah is
by Marie Dennan November 22, 2010
16 56