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n. (slang) Any effeminate or feminized biological male who takes on a submissive role in a role reversed relationship with a biological female, becoming in effect a "girlfriend" for the dominant partner.
My bitchboy is so cute now- he's become a total salon slut!
by Margot and Bubble April 29, 2006
adj. Not yet trained or housebroken. Used to refer to someone prior to being shampooed and conditioned to new expectations of domesticated behaviour.
GF1: "What do you think of her new toyboy?"
GF2: "I thought she was crazy, taking on somebody that free range, but she shampooed him into a total slut"
by Margot and Bubble May 30, 2009
adj. Mentally cleansed, espeically of behaviours, attitudes, or even memories considered "undesirable" by one partner. To truly shampoo a partner requires a great deal of effort to achieve the required level of obedience, but results in a docile and obedient lover who cannot conceive of not wanting to obey and please.
GF1: "Damn, Margot really shampooed her toyboy!"
GF2: "He doesn't even recognize his old girlfriends anymore..."
GF1: "She took him from free-range boi to shampooed toy!"
by Margot and Bubble May 26, 2009

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