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Emo "metal" is most commonly referred to as Screamo or Post-Hardcore.

It is a blend of guitar "riffs" usually written in a minor key to give a strong emotional feeling, heavy screaming vocals, and beautiful (sometimes harmonized) melodic vocal patterns, all intricately orchestrated to sound beautifully dark, usually melodic, and always catchy. Emo-Metal is what happens when metal bands get tired of being poor and want to make money. It is essentially metal's attempt at entering the mainstream.(and uranium hardly ever plays anything remotely close to emo-metal.)Bands, such as UNDERoath or Beloved(R.I.P), have perfected the style with others closely following their lead.
Examples of Emo "metal" include

UNDERoath, Beloved, alexisonfire, Blindside(somewhat), Chevelle(somewhat), Dead Poetic, Emery, Every Time I Die (the new stuff), From Autumn to Ashes, Haste the Day(the new stuff), Poison the Well(one of the pioneers), Protest the Hero, The Refused(definitely a pioneer), Saosin, Thrice(the older stuff).

If you're interested...

Top Emo-Metal(Screamo)(Post-Hardcore)

Album Band

Define The Great Line --------------- UNDERoath
Failure On -------------------------- Beloved
The Weeks End ----------------------- Emery
New Medicines ----------------------- Dead Poetic
Tear From the Red-------------------- Poison the Well
Saosin------------------------------- Saosin
Artist in the Ambulance-------------- Thrice

So there... It Does Exist. And F*** YOU!!! If you say otherwise.

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