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When a woman's vagina appears like a mess of meat off-cuts because her curtains are so hangy.
"Her gubbins were hanging out so much, her fanny looked like a butcher's bin!"
by Marc Walker January 26, 2005
When a woman's fanny lips hang down. It's like it's been pulled inside out.
Burns Department:~
"Don't worry Jimmy, I've heard Mrs Smith's fanny lip snip will supply you with new ears!"
by Marc Walker January 26, 2005
When two gay men have sex "doggy-style" and the partner behind wraps his hand around and wanks off the bloke he's ramming.
"Oh Jeremy, wrap your hand around and yank my pink colonel, oh go on, be a dear!"
by Marc Walker January 26, 2005
Fantastic North London football giants. Cosmopolitan support, unlike neighbouring clubs in the capital. Current top-rated English players include Jermain Defoe, Ledley King and Paul Robinson. Great players of the past include Glenn Hoddle, Gazza, Klinsmann and Jimmy Greaves.
Arsenal, West Ham and Chelsea fans will probably need to refer to a dictionary to find out what "cosmopolitan" means.
by Marc Walker January 26, 2005
Small market town situated in South Norfolk characterized by slack-jawed yokels and chav youths. An influx of Essex folk have moved into the county reducing its appeal further. Otherwise, Diss is surrounded by beautiful English countryside with no hills.
"I can't read and I can't write, but I can drive a tractor!"
by Marc Walker January 26, 2005

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