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A small, light sword made for thrusting rather than cutting.
Rafael's weapon of choice was a rapier for fencing.
by Marc Swift March 03, 2005
A medieval-age piece of armor protecting the breast and back area.
The knight's cuirass protected him from arrows to the heart.
by Marc Swift March 03, 2005
An Online RPG slang term used to describe a player with non-optimal stats or equipment for his class/race choice.
Hey, that Elvaan Warrior is a total gimp, he's still using a Lv.1 Sword!
by Marc Swift March 03, 2005
A term used in the MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI; A command to bet on an item dropped by a monster that rolls a random number. Whoever has the highest lot receives the item.
Grr...that Taru Black Mage keeps lotting on all of the coffers!
by Marc Swift March 03, 2005

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