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A thief skill in Maple Story to make you jump higher and walk faster. It will make party members to do the same.
Mage: Hey thief can you haste me
Thief: sure
Mage: Weeee I jump so high!
Thief: (F7)
by MapleStory guy October 27, 2006
A online PS2 game that connects North America with Europe. This cuases North Americans to not creat servers (games) to play. A problem this causes is when the Europeans go to sleep North americans cannot play. This game also has a ranking system updates every 2-5 hours. This game also has points and PPH which i think is Points per hour but It is hard to raise and easy to lower.
Omfg i cant creat a Battlefield 2 server!
by MapleStory guy October 29, 2006

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