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3 definitions by Manuel Sanchez

don't worry
"dw about it"
by Manuel Sanchez July 27, 2003
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A Terdeye is like a facial rug, not facial hair,more thick, appears like an overgrown birthmark. They occur around the eye. The condition is likely to be found within small and stumpy children. Usually an only child. Often the 'terdeye' is found to grow over the years, cannot be removed because of the large roots attached to the brain, this also causes defects within the child.
"Daniel has a rather large terdeye, most people call him captain terdseye, sailor of the seven toilets"
by Manuel Sanchez May 10, 2003
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An annoying phrase used by Richturd Willey note: pronounced "Why Lee / Whilley" and Jonique
"Guerre, Guerre, Guerre"
by Manuel Sanchez May 08, 2003
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