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2 definitions by Manticyde

An entity so spectacular and/or cool, that no other conventional word compares.

Also a common descriptive term used for the potency or overall grade and quality of any awesome substance.

Also used as an adj. and an adverb.
1. Dude that shit was Razzi.

2. "Check out that girls ass....."

3. "That bitch Jessica thinks she's Razzi, just cuz she's got new tits." "yeah."
by Manticyde September 27, 2011
Awemost: (ahhh-most): adj. The implication of being more than just awesome, and/or being awesome more often than not.
Elyse: and I should hang out with you why?
DJ: Because, I'm awemost.
Elyse: Damn, well....fuck I've got nothin'. ok, I guess I'll put some PJ's on.
by Manticyde February 18, 2010