2 definitions by Manon Mondragon

Male or female takes a line of coke. Just one line and leaves never to return again.. till well maybe tomorrow. It's a classic "hit it and quit" it move. A smart party -goer takes only a little bit of cocaine then stops.
Sav goes and pays his crazy drugdealer for his gram of coke. Then he takes one line and "Snort and Aborts"
I much rather listen to some loud-ass drum n Bass right now or watch the Tele so Im going to snort and abort this cocaine.
by Manon Mondragon August 08, 2011
Nuked Nachos made in the good Ol' microwave with lots of cheddar cheese. There not regular nachos with whimpy pre-sliced cheese and only a little dab of sour cream. Where talking about NUCLEAR man.... like this is the stuff war veterans eat. Hard core to the bone
Yo Vinny! "yeah?" I made you some homemade nuclear nachos better than that Italian spaghetti shit.
Vinny" ey! wait.. these nachos are the shit dude. simply delizioso" CIAO BELLA
by Manon Mondragon August 08, 2011

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