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A large, ungainly girl (tall, well built than fat) who appears a bit dumb and/or clutzy, not particulary attractive. Or perhaps a girl who is a bit too big to be completely feminine, like Kimora Lee Simmons. Basically a girl whose physical presence is vaguely reminiscent of that hulking, slow-witted animal, the moose, which lacks the grace of something like a stag.
That girl is a real moose!
by ManofG February 07, 2009
British Labour (Co-Operative) MP, currently holds the office of Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families (which used to have the concise title of Department of Education). It's a mystery how somone called Balls could get so far in politics.
Children's Secretary Ed Balls today announced plans to improve the quality of education for young offenders in custody.
by ManofG November 30, 2007

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