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A less vulgar way of calling a woman a "cow". Johnny Speight, the creator of the classic British sitcom Til Death Us Do Part made this one of the catchphrases of the cantankerous bigot Alf Garnett (the inspiration for Archie Bunker) who constantly called his wife of many years Else a "silly moo". In the era of Mary Whitehouse this allowed Alf to be verbally abusive to her without actually swearing (although he often used the swearword "bloody").
You silly moo!
by ManofG March 05, 2009
British Labour (Co-Operative) MP, currently holds the office of Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families (which used to have the concise title of Department of Education). It's a mystery how somone called Balls could get so far in politics.
Children's Secretary Ed Balls today announced plans to improve the quality of education for young offenders in custody.
by ManofG November 30, 2007
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