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1 definition by Mannerzzzzzz

When a man leaves his 'remains' after performing a sexual act on the girl/boys jeans.

A true Louise is left in a visable place on the shin of the jeans.

'I AINT BEEN 'OMEEE' is often a excuse to why the remains are still on the jeans 2-3 days after being placed there.
Boy 1: 'You know that girl I got with 1-2 days ago'
Boy 2: 'Oh yeah what a slag'
Boy 1: 'I saw her the other day, she hasn't washed her jeans yet'

Girl 1: 'I can't get this bloody cum stain out (while licking fingers and rubbing it)'
Girl 2: 'Oh dear, why havn't you just put them through the wash?'
Girl 1: 'I ain't been home yet'

Girl 1: 'Oh look at her, shes got Louise all over her jeans'
Girl 2: 'Yeah i saw her yesterday aswell, she hasnt washed them yet'
by Mannerzzzzzz January 30, 2008
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