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The act of passing gas while standing at a urinal. Sometimes the trip to the urinal is made solely for the purpose of the urinal fart. Females are unable to partake in the urinal fart...for obvious reasons.
Man I've got to fart really bad I need to go make a urinal fart.

Did you hear that urinal fart, he must have been holding that ll day.
#fart #urinal #gas #bathroom #restroom
by Manic Med Student August 23, 2006
Origin is from scrubbing bubbles found in bathroom cleaners. Slang taken to describe loosers who do stupid shit.
Those scrub bubbles broke into my house. Look at the dumb scrub bubble over there. You're such a scrub bubble. Why do chicks always go after the scrub bubbles?
#loosers #scrub #bubbles #thugs #bathroom cleaners
by Manic Med Student December 04, 2005
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