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A person that is being overly self-confident about his or her skills or traits and/or at the same time being unreliable towards others expectations.

alt. forming a one-man-team, within an already existing team.
Farooq can describe:

an action:
-"Was Sarah not supposed to come pitch the idea she been telling us about at the meeting today?

-"She did not show up, guess she pulled a farooq on us."

or a person:
"Hurry you ass up here, don't be a farooq!"

or a one-man-team:
-"Hey everone, let's join forces and try to get out of this flaming snake pit before the lions are released."

-"No, FU guys. I'm gonna be a farooq and do my own thing!"
by Manfeud September 28, 2011

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