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3 definitions by Mandi rikitu

Nickname for amanda Rikitu
get it amanda rikitu riki-tiki. Ha-ha laugh at my jokes. Man u people are dense.
by Mandi rikitu May 07, 2003
When a girl is desperate and u mack on her a ur mack is crap but she falls for it and ya'll go out. How bout it.
Hey u kno that guy Jimmy smith he's an easy mac.
by Mandi rikitu May 07, 2003
When like ur jus' chillin' on da max and some random guy is jus' like starin a hole through ur head and has a dazed look on his face and the jus' let's it shoot if u get my drift.
Omg, he jus' had a waterslide surprise
by Mandi rikitu May 07, 2003