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2 definitions by Mandi Creek

The "British Bagel" Is Basically An Anal 69.
"Dude, Last Night Me And This Chick Did This Weird Sex Move."
"What Was It?!"
"Like An Anal 69!"
"Dude! That's The British Bagel. Its The Coolest!"
by Mandi Creek June 02, 2009
20 9
A "ChainSaw" Is A 3-Some With 2 Girls On The End And A Guy In The Middle. The Guy With A Girl On Either Side Bent Over. He Has A Strap-On On His Butt. When It Comes Out One Girl It Goes In the Other.
"Woah! Ever Done A 3-Some With A Strap-On And 2 Chicks?"
"Dude, Please.. It's Called A ChainSaw. It's Pretty Freaking BadAss."
by Mandi Creek June 02, 2009
3 5