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Elrond; The Half Elven in Tolkien's Mythology is lord of Rivendell, called Imladris by the elves. He held a council during the days of the third age where the fellowship of the ring was created. He was brother to Elros.
"The Actor who played Elrond also played Agent Smith in The Matrix."
by Manave Eru Sulanul July 05, 2004
Once considered one of the Valar,he was at first called Melkor before he turned to evil ways, Stealing the Silmarils, Corrupting the Maia; Sauron, Destroying the two trees and the lamps in Valinor.
"Melkor that is, Morgoth destroyed the trees that gave light to Valinor."
by Manave Eru Sulanul July 05, 2004
In Tolkien's mythology; The world, seperated from the void and created by the Valar as revealed the them by eru called Iluvatar but scarred by melkor.
"Arda, in tolkien's mythology all creation as made by the Valar."
by Manave Eru Sulanul July 05, 2004
One of the Istari (Wizards) in Tolkien's works. Also Called Gandalf.
"Mithrandir!...Mithrandir! They've taken the river at Osgiliath!!! The Bridge is taken!"
by Manave Eru Sulanul July 06, 2004
A phrase used when the situation at hand seems hopeless, or mind bogglingly silly. Usually, a nice threat with a gun would work really well there.
"I need really need an invitation to the party..."
"That's what GUNS are for!"
by Manave Eru Sulanul January 21, 2007
Last High king of the Noldor in Tolkien's Mythology. He fell in mordor in the war of the ring during the last alliance with Elendil and his people.
"Gil-galad was an elven king,
of him the harpers sadly sing,
The last whose realm was fair and free,
between the mountains and the sea."
by Manave Eru Sulanul July 05, 2004
Called Rivendell a haven of the elves in west middle earth whose lord is Elrond
"Rivendell is called Imladris in the elven tongue. Elrond is its lord"
by Manave Eru Sulanul July 06, 2004
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