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1 definition by Manassas Local

Manassas is a small city near DC. I worked in an office there for almost 10 years and I still live about 6 miles south. While some people like to focus on the negatives of this or any place, or anything, Manassas
- is a historic town
- has a median income way above the national average
- has great schools
- has a strong business climate despite the recession (involving lots more than just used car dealerships)
- has lots of community involvement and volunteerism by lots of civic groups and churches
- has rapidly developing real estate and infrastructure
- is a nice area to live and work

Just had to post a counterpoint to some of the junk already linked here. Thanks!

ps- The Lorena Bobitt thing happened in Manassas Park, not the City of Manassas, almost as long ago as the Civil War.
by Manassas Local October 23, 2011