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A smart man from the lone star state. He has a degree at Yale one of the most prestigious univeristies in this great land. So no one reading this has the right to rip on him because an important rule of life is that you respect the people above you and he is more powerful than anyone of us. People say that he is trading blood for oil but our economy runs on oil and it is very important that we have it. If our great nation would let me join our army I would because I think this war is a great cause. If we can make Iraq a democracy than all the little countries around it will become a democracy and then we can join with those countries to force Iran to become a democracy. It is called the domino theory. In the past his policies have failed but this is a smart man who loves this nation and will do any thing to protect it.
I hope Mr. Bush has the time to read this and see that in this mean and cruel world there are still people out there who support him
George W Bush the greatest man I have never had the chance to meet.
by Man with all the answers April 10, 2007
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