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A store that only people who are absolutely jealous would criticize. The sad truth is that most all of the people that bitch about Abercrombie are the goths, punks, outcasts, and people who just plain can't afford it anyway. You are NOT being unique by wearing something from K-Mart. And, if you are goth or punk, you are not being unique either because you all wear the SAME THING TOO. I guarantee most of the people who posted negatively fit into one of these other groups. Abercrombie isn't prep. It's stylish. Vintage. Comfortable. A sign of a lifestyle a person has. THe only people I would say I hate who wear Abercrombie are the ones that wear it just to fit in, not because they like it or they have the lifestyle Abercrombie says about them.
Table of goths, druggies, and punks at lunch: Dude, look at those Abercrombie kids. They are soooo not unique. I mean, really, everyone at our table is wearing a completely different shade of black. We're really unique.

Table of popular Abercrombies: Dude, who gives a rip about those people over there? We're cool and we get lots of "action" so who cares? Let them cut their wrists and wish they were rich. Haha. Next subject.
by Man of Adventure December 12, 2005

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