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Traditional laugh or chuckle produced by the Korean populous of most Battle.Net games.
"King cow no kill yo? Kek!"
by Man Of Hate February 07, 2003
Person who has devoted his life to Phil and his many teachings.
I have converted to the Philslamic beliefs.
by Man of Hate February 21, 2003
Phrase used to descride something that is amazing, or otherwise extraordinary.
"Yo thats Madd Getison!"
by Man of Hate February 21, 2003
Person whom is addicted to dunkahol.
"I don't love you any more! This marriage is over all because you are a dunkaholic! Go get some help you sick man..."
by Man of Hate February 21, 2003
A chilling string of sounds which manifest due to an extreme form of mental or physical anguish; often results in the grasping of one's facial area to hide the immense sorrow and/or pain.
"Why'd ya have to kick me in the nuts, Dan?! BROO HOO HOO!"
by Man Of Hate June 10, 2003
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