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That heart-stopping moment when you realize that as a teacher, or a firefighter or a small business owner...or any other hard-working middle class American...that voting Republican is voting against your own best interests.
Joanne: You are NOT going to believe this! Fireman Tom is voting for President Obama!

Robert: Are you kidding me? That die-hard Republican? He must have had a MAJOR smart attack!

Joanne: I know, and it's for real. He didn't even call the paramedics...
by Mammy Yokum November 03, 2012
1) Mitt Romney supporters
2) Geniuses like Ted Neugent, Jon Voigt, Gene Simmons, LindsBritney Minaj & etc. (Eastwood gets a pass on this one because he has actual conversations with chairs, so he's probably just senile. Or maybe schizophrenic, like Moses and the guys who wrote the bible).
Gina: You were a Kiss groupie back in the day, weren't you Amber?

Amber: Yeah, I used to think Gene Simmons was so hot. Now it's just embarrassing, what with that lame-ass reality show...and he's a Mitt Romney supporter!
Gina: Yet another...
Gina & Amber together: MITTWIT!!!
by Mammy Yokum October 17, 2012

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