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6 definitions by Malkymoo

(n) A sandwich constructed of two or more slices of bread with part of or all of a pie between them. The most common pie selection is steak and cheese or mince and cheese.

Other condiments may include butter, tomato sauce and peanut butter.

Originally developed to get more filling/bang from a pie.

If using a single serve pie then you can get two piewiches, or if a family sized pie has been chosen, you can feed up to four people using eight or more pieces of bread.

Healthier variants include margarine instead of butter and brown/multigrain bread.
Hey Falvey, I'm starving and all I have is one pie and some bread.

Well then Lachlan, get yourself a piewich and you'll be full in no time. Try emptying one of those Burger King sauce sachets into it as well!

Sweetbix Falvey, my hunger will be satisfied. MMMmmm...
by Malkymoo January 21, 2011
(n) A meal consisting of a mince & cheese pie and corn chips. First, peel the lid off your pie. Scoop out, using the corn chips, the contents of the pie, and eat.
When all the pie filling is gone, place the remainder of your corn chips in the pie, place pie top back on and eat. It is now a corn chip pie, sans original filling.
You can mix up the meal by choosing different flavour pie and corn chips. For a family gathering, try a family size pie and a big pack of corn chips. Ideal with beer and sport. Warm on a winters day.
Hey Falvey, I'm starving and all I have is a pie and some corn chips.

Well Lachlan, why don't you have a piecho?

Too right, Falvey, Tasty and filling. You want to share?

Yeah Lachlan, gimmie some of that piecho goodness!
by Malkymoo January 21, 2011
(n) A military aircraft configured to drop paratroopers. So called because if the parachute of the paratrooper does not open, then the sky diver becomes a meat bomb.
Hey Falvey, what is that C-130 Hercules carrying today?
Well Lachlan, it is taking some of the 82nd Airborne paratroopers out for jump practice.
Ok then, it is on meat bomber duties. I hope there won't be any mess.
by Malkymoo January 18, 2011
When a woman binge drinks, that is, not a big drinker but when she drinks, drinks way too much, ala a minge drinker.
Hey Lachlan, Did you see Sarah last night? She was munted! She is quiet for weeks then hits the booze hard!

Yeah Aaron, she loves her minge drinking.
by malkymoo February 11, 2011
The pinnacle of combining a Piecho (pie nachos) with a piewich (a pie sandwich). This is the bringing together of three great food groups (pie, sandwich and cornchips) and results in a mouthgasm.
The process is to peel the top off a mince and cheese pie, scoop out the hot contents with corn chips and place between 2 slices of bread. Select whole grain bread for healthier options.
Feel free to add sour cream, avocado, bacon or ketchup.
This is the perfect food choice for a big feed that is also tasty, cheap and fast.
Contents are easily stored at home and don't require a trip out. Also a good mix of European and mexican food, semi Tex-Mex, if you will.
Do whatever you want with the pie shell.
Hey Lachlan, I'm so hungry but want something nice now!

Well Falvey, why don't you make a Piechowich. Its fast, cheap, tasty and all the ingredients are in your kitchen already!

Hell yeah, that's going to give me a mouthgasm!

5 minutes later: mmmmmmmmm.....
by Malkymoo February 01, 2011
When you have skipped a shit one day, so that when you poo the following day, it is a double dump.
Furthermore, the first Portion stinks more as it has festered inside you for some time.
Hey Lachlan, I'm gonna be late back from lunch!
Why is that, Falvey?
Oh, I have to have a double dump.
You will be a while, make sure you spray!
by malkymoo December 19, 2010