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A convenience store (7-11, Circle K, etc) usually located in the ghetto or other bad neighborhood, prone to being robbed a few times a week.
Charlie 16 to dispatch, we are currently 10-8 at thr Stop and Rob on the corner of 125th and MLK.
by Malcom X October 20, 2004
Obese creatures that can be found on mobility scooters in supermarkets that were originally meant for people with real handicaps (No legs, paraplegic, elderly over 70, etc).
Sorry ma'am, we don't have a scooter available. Its the first of the month and all the scooter hippos just got their welfare check.
by Malcom X September 22, 2004
A flat ass. Also "white girl butt".

Opposite of apple bottom
That girl got a pancake bottom.
by Malcom X November 23, 2004
Home made log book carried by police officers out in the field used for recording contacts with potential evil doers and criminals. Sometimes called a field identification logbook.
When you go to spooktown, always bring your turd book.
by Malcom X October 20, 2004

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