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- One of the most creative basketballs team names ever, requires players to be able to smoke that kush and ball like swoosh.
- Those sts3 kids have 8 shots and haven't hit the rim.
- Its all good, they're high as fuck and they think they're up by 18.
by Make the Monkey Drive March 01, 2010
when a girl is a total bitch and is just liked because shes hot, then a man comes along (preferably a black man) and fucks she gets absolutely dominated and pounded he makes her learn and she is no longer a bitch. getting slampigged changes you forever.

vb. to get slampigged
stacy was such a bitch before Tyrone slampigged the shit outta her, now she always gives me free gum!
by Make the Monkey Drive March 01, 2010
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