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Noun. Vulgar slang.
A cococunt is the descriptive term for a female's genitalia after an act of self abuse or masturbation including a well-known brand of coconut-filled chocolate bar.
For best results, use a lightly chilled Bounty bar.
Wash immediately afterwards as cooled chocolate will harden and can draw hair out from your pubic hairea like a motherfucker.
n.b. the scrumptious coconut filling hurts like buggery if you get a bit down your japs eye.
My girlfriend gave me my first taste of a cococunt after she masturbated through a family pack of bounty bars. I had to eat my way through half a kilo of chocolate to get to the cunnie.
by Major Brownwings October 28, 2013
Transitive verb. To fill (your) trousers.
When a person is scared or surprised to such an extent that involuntary and explosive defecation (aka shitting) takes place.
Dude, when I walked round the corner with that joint behind my ear and saw the police car, I totally filled trou.
by Major Brownwings February 13, 2011
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