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1 definition by Magooga

A group of people who fall under extreme scrutiny on Urban Dictionary because a few arrogant air heads had a run in with an asshole (who happened to claim he was christian) and decided they will base a third of the worlds population off of that one or few people. There can not be an exact description of a Christian because everyone is different. Ideally, a Christian will follow the teachings of Christ and accept him as the savior of all our sins. A Christian will also respect all others no matter their belief, attitude toward life, or skin.

Many evil deeds have been done in history in the name of Christianity, but those actions were preformed ignorantly by those blinded by hate. Actions of that nature are not the teachings of God or his son Jesus and Christianity should not be based of of the mistakes of the few.
Hater: "you stupid fucking Christians just go die, you're nothing but a bunch of self richous assholes."

Sensible Christian: "I pray you find your way."
by Magooga February 27, 2013