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4 definitions by Magnus von Slaughterhausen

In basketball, dunking in the face of an opposing player; a posterization. generally entails an aggressive or acrobatic dunk or move to the basket. Popularized by the ESPN show "SportsNation"
Did you ever see when Vince Carter jumped over that 7 foot guy and dunked in the Olympics? Best dunkface ever!
by Magnus von Slaughterhausen February 25, 2010
A southern U.S. term for a shopping cart used at a grocery store.
How do I always pick the buggy with the fucked up wheels?
by Magnus von Slaughterhausen February 25, 2010
The intersection at Magnolia Ave and College St. in Auburn, AL. Divides "downtown" Auburn from the campus of Auburn University. Called Toomer's Corner because of the store named Toomer's Drugs, which is no longer a drug store but instead an Auburn souvenir shop that sells food and lemonade. Toomer's Drugs has been located at the corner of this intersection in Auburn for over 110 years. After major athletic victories, people gather here and roll an old oak tree with toilet paper, known in Auburn as "rolling Toomer's Corner". Many local bars are located around this intersection.
I have gotten way too many late night phone calls to go pick some drunk retard up from Toomer's Corner.
by Magnus von Slaughterhausen February 25, 2010
An old southern or country term for bed sheets or linens, e.g., sheets, pillow cases, etc. Even most southerners do not know the term anymore. Not to be confused with pajamas. Not clothes a person wears to bed, but instead clothes that your bed wears.
My girlfriend was bitching at me today because I haven't changed the bed clothes in 3 months and we have sex in there like 5 times a week.
by Magnus von Slaughterhausen February 25, 2010