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Phrase from this book -- "go forth and multiply".
Used to tell bible-punching fundies to F**K OFF.
Fundie: "Matthew 11:5 says...."
Normal Person: "Genesis 24:2 thyself"

(Why do fundies quote only one verse, yet ignore all the others?)
by Magnificent Mutley September 04, 2008
A person who is full of his/her self-importance, yet knows nothing about the subject they're talking about.
"Wow, the Newscaster seems a well-informed authority on China!"
"Nah, he's an expert on spreading bullshit - a muppet reject"

This one was rejected from the muppet show because he was too ugly.
by Magnificent Mutley August 31, 2008
Short for "A test pilot in a Broom Factory"
Shorthand for a domineering or authoritarian person who want things to go thier way by any means, or not at all.
The new secretary is a test pilot.
This bureaucrat is the chief test pilot.
by Magnificent Mutley August 31, 2008

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