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short version for thank you.
bob: (hands over h/w to jim)
jim: tq
by maddie graves January 10, 2004
1.)People always think that this means stupid:not the case. They can be damn intelligent know-it-alls in class, but often have to follow every trend to carry on Bing "popular". They have a massive group of "friends" that would ditch them at the drop of a hat, and tramp around town in large groups doing sod all. They have to gang up to pick on one person Bcoz they're actually decent.
2.)Someone who is actually likeable, friendly and has proper friends.
Look at her. She's got all the latest fashionable clothes. Everyone loves her.

Yeah. Until she says sumfing 2 the wrong person and everyone hates her.
by Maddie Graves January 04, 2004
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