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13 definitions by Madd Jester

coulda, shoulda, woulda didn't. you should have fwapped that.
well i almost-
"BULLSHIT. yer such a pussy!"
by Madd Jester September 20, 2003
one who makes up a gay word to make fun of people who actually can make words.
A jackass who thinks he knows it all.
isn't it halarious how much of a socko he is.
by Madd Jester September 20, 2003
one who lives in his or her parents' basement and plays games all day, confusing games w/ reality. Typically identified using the word Pwn on a regular basis.
it's been 3 days you gamerfag! the coffees cold, turn off teh computer and go too sleep. we're out of hot pockets!
by Madd Jester December 16, 2004
A gay-ass gamer-fag word derived from Own for the soul purpose of showing just how much he or she sucks at life.
Yo i'll Pwn u on Diablo 2 because in real life you'd tapdance on my face.
by Madd Jester December 16, 2004
Hard faast vigorous emotionless sex usually done doggystyle. It aint fwappin' till ou hear the slappin!
Maybe we could...you know?...FWAP FWAP FWAP!!! helll yeah.
by Madd Jester September 20, 2003
the practice of doing something to much or repeating the same joke. mostly used in humor or competitions.
knock knock!
whos there?
tiny who?
tiny fucked a stump!
dude he fucked ir hard.
n fast!!!
n the he droped a huge load of jizzu-----
ok fag, dont overkill it.
by Madd Jester September 05, 2003