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New Orleans is a large port city located as closely as possible to the mouth of the Mississippi River, making it a necessary port to the U.S. and for delivering goods to America's heartland. Though largely decayed and impoverished, the city has a flavor unique from all other cities in the nation due to its rich, creole heritage. It is protected by a faulty U.S. Army Corps of Engineers levee system that has been criminally managed for decades (not very far from many other major American cities). It was misrepresented and brandished when the levees breached in 2005. The levees are not being built to standard, a very low standard, that is.
America's Rio. The city that care forgot and government abandoned. Laissez le mauvais temps roulez!! ReNew Orleans
by Madame Dauphine des Ursulines November 12, 2008

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