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Peter is a man of his own world.

Not just the singer for Type O, which I must say-may not be talented in his eyes...although I think thats either modsty or sarcasm-cannot even be categorized as a goth, metal or hardcore band.

Peter's voice alone will "move" you...it being so...."Slow Deep and Hard"......."alot of meat in motion"
Slow Deep and Hard(1991)
The Origin of the Feces(1992)
Bloody Kisses(1993)
October Rust(1996)
World Coming Down(1999)
Life is Killong me(2003)
The Least Worst of...DVD(2000-2001)
After Dark...DVD(1998)...

But if you are just looking for the body....refer to Playgirl issue-- August 1995
by Madam of Masters February 15, 2004

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