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Sheila, is an awesome person, completely EPIC! She can make someones world spin around and around without even realizing it. She is fun to be around, enjoys your time, has fun with you. Yet has a serious side at times, and can't stand seeing someone she cares for hurt or ill. She also is a very cute nature at times but also somehow can surprise you with random things. Tries to keep everything positive and feels bad when someone is feeling down in the dumps. Sheila can make your world go as high as the heavens, but... tempt that bond that she may have with or hurt someone she cares for, you will get paid back, 10 times fold! She is smart but denies it, and talented as well, very creative mind, even if it is the small things.

But if you ever meet a Sheila, don't treat her wrong, or something worse shall be heading your way.
*Sheila = AWESOME!
Random guy: Who is that?
Another random guy: That is a Sheila man.

Random dude: ~Dude pushes Sheila.~
The bad omen: Why you do that punk! No one touches Sheila! ~Body slams random dude.~
by Mactire Camalus August 11, 2011
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