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Acronym for Men's Rights Activist/Activism

MRAs stand up against such nonsense as:
The fact that dads are second only to suspected terrorists in how they are treated by law. Fathers can be held without trial, charge and counsel (direct violations of the constitution), government officials can enter their homes and raid bank accounts, and they can be constantly monitored using a electronic device attached to their bodies. Divorced fathers are stigmatized as deadbeats even though outlandish and outdated formula’s such as the flawed Child Support Guidelines which ignore a wide array of realities. Divorced fathers who can’t make payments are often called deadbeats when in fact most of them cannot make the payments simply because they are DEADBROKE.

Insane policies like the British Airlines one that does not allow men to sit next to children, effectively branding all men as potential sex predators. This is not something that violates rights and that we should fight against?

The fact that dozens of studies show that in relationships women can be just as violent as men( not in self defence). Yet we see very little in the way of shelters and support for the men who are battered, and punishment for the women doing the battering. Police are trained to arrest men even if is clearly them who were abused.
An MRA is a real man. They are the men that are no longer putting up with the baseless and unfounded cultural norm and values system that ranks them as bad, always wrong, and deserving of punishment. They are the men that are fighting back against the increasing hostility and contempt that is being heaped on men by pop culture, the law system, and almost everywhere else in society in general.

Despite accusations by the brainless, lightweight, unenlightened, reasonless, dungheaps such as those above (using embarrasingly lame, uncreative, and juvenile humour), MRAs do not have a hidden agenda to restore historical patriarchy and remove rights from women. In fact, MRAs are more egalitarian then modern gender feminism, which turns a blind eye to injustices happening to men, doesn't say anything about equl responsibility for equal rights, and have an extemely one-sided notion of "equality".
by Macleognome March 01, 2010

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