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Alexander The Great Macedonian, one of the Greatest conquerors off all time. Alexander The Great born in Pella, Ancient Capital of Macedonia.

Greeks have a Sub Saharan Ethiopian Dna with no connection to Alexander the Great or the Ancient Macedonians.

All Greeks can suck all our Macedonian cocks. we have the blood of Alexander The Great so go fuck your selves Gypsie Greeks.

Macedonia was Never a state in Greece Macedonia is Macedonian if the Greeks were Macedonian then hell come they cant speak the Macedonian Language?

Stupid Greeks learn your History.

Greek History: 162 Years old
Macedonian History: 3,000 Years old

Long Live Macedonia!
Alexander The Great Macedonian
by MacedoniaLandOfKings October 24, 2007
Greeks are Ethiopians they have a fake nation thats only been existed since 1821. they claim everything is theirs for ie) Macedonia,Epirus,Cyprus.

Greeks Have a Ethiopian Sub Saharan DNA For a country thats only been existed since 1821 claiming Alexander the Great was Greek Pffft Liars Liars Liars. In fact Alexander was Never Greek, The dna done in France and America proved that The Greeks had nothing to do with the ancient Macedonians or Alexander the Great.

Alexander The Great = Macedonian
Cyprus = Turkish
Epirus = Albanian
Greeks = Ethiopian Gypsies that formed a nation in 1821.
Macedonia = 4,000 Years old Country.
Greece = A fake country with a fake nation and also a fake history.

Macedonian History = 3,000 Years old
Greek History = 162 Years old

Stop the lying Greece we all know your country is filled with Propaganda.

Long Live Macedonia

Macedonians are Macedonians, Never Greeks.
Greeks are Ethiopian Gypsies that formed a nation in 1821.
Alexander The Great MACEDONIAN was Macedonian.

We all hate Hellas.

Da Te Ebam Grcia!
by MacedoniaLandOfKings October 27, 2007

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