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Stage name of Mace H. Greenfield originally created by Fred Greenspan then President of Tortami Metro Promotions in or about 1984. A character that speaks what others think but fail to orate, about societal icons, current events and more. First & briefly on air with WNUU in early mid '80's. From 1989 to 1991, he was part of the morning show, "Terry T. with Mace in your Face" on WJTZ, 640 AM heard through parts of TN, VA, NC, WV, & KY, he then hosted talk radio on and off on Long Island NY while making guest appearances elsewhere from 1992 through 2003. Today, he works as a lawyer out of Jericho, NY.
When Mace in your Face was on air, politicians knew to be on their toes, and cops knew not to be dirty. But they continued anyway, being more careful and watching over their shoulders. Now he is a lawyer, helping people.
by Mace in your Face February 03, 2010

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