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The darkest, the craziest, the most ninja of all ninjas to live. Foluké, he would round house kick you from Reading to China. He invented the round house kick and other ninjas stole it like Bruce Lee and Chuck Noris, these guys have nothing on Foluké.
Shit! Can you see that?
See what?
Its that Ninja! He calls himself Foluké
Oh yeh! What a bad ass mother fucker!
by Macaroon 555 May 01, 2010
The most Sexiest of Sexual God's to live!! A boy put on the earth called Cameron living in Reading. Some say he is a urban myth and others say they have seen him! But all in all he is just king of sexual,Sexyness, Sexy times, Sex and anything else with the word in it. If you go in Websters dictionary and search Sexual God his name would come up.
That Boy, Cameron?
Oh yeh he's the sexual God!!!
Really!!?? I thought he was a myth?
Well you thought wrong
by Macaroon 555 April 30, 2010
A person at the Elvian School Reading called Fearghal
Oh yeh that Feargha kid, what a mong!
by Macaroon 555 April 29, 2010

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