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The caucasian paralell to ebonics, basically whitespeech. Make frequent use of the word, "dude," "sup" and "football!!!" Less creative than its pigmentally gifted brother, it is slowly being abandoned by more impressionable white people for evonics, a cross of the two spoken by wankstas.
Aw dude, lets play some football! Yee-haw!
by Macadaciouse November 07, 2004
Origonally an outkast song, it is now the standard theme music for VH1 clips of celebrities. Very nice if you have CD Walkman speakers and you're moving in for the kill on some blonde.
By outkast, watch VH1 for a few hours to catch it. You'll know it when you hear it.
by Macadaciouse May 11, 2004
Punk a la misfits. Influenced by old B horror movies.
Dig Up Her Bones, Scream etc.
by Macadaciouse June 06, 2004
Inferior but more politically correct form of, "negrophobia." The latter may land you in hot water with the Black Panther/NWA croud, but it's so much more poetic and flowing it's worth the risk.
Bad Cracker: Aw dude, watch your wallet man! Here come some black men!

Good Cracker: You got some mad blackophobia there. **punch**
by Macadaciouse June 08, 2005
One who is afraid of the homeless.

See, "hobosexual"
They say that if you're homophobic, you're secretly homosexual. I'm afraid of homeless people, and am pursuing a career in acting...
by Macadaciouse June 10, 2004
One of the pioneers of hard metal in the 80's, they later lost their soul and their hair to the establishment, in essence becoming pawns in the capitalist game of chess. No, checkers.

Originally heralded as anti-establishment, following the heart of Metal with excessive drinking (which earned the nickname AlcohollicA) and substance abuse, however this all changed when they hired a group therapist to sort out the mess that substance abuse and alcohol usually cause (though most bands suck it up). These therapy sessions can be seen in the box-office crap, "some kind of monster," the video recordings of the death of metallica. After the invasion of unwanted sanity, Metallica cut their hair, joined the vanguard against napster to a point of obsession and supported the career of Avril Lavigne. Damn her.

Once Gods among Men, now pussyfied shadows, less metal than Poison but without the ironic tongue in cheek likeability.
Look for the old guys dancing on the grave of Napster. That would be Metallica.
by Macadaciouse June 08, 2005
A) Noun: MMORPG of mammoth proportions, Project Entropia sends characters to another planet where they can make actual money by converting real life money into game currency and back again. Still in the, "project" phase, when it hits the mainstream it will be in violation of countless money laundering laws.

B) Verb: Castration with a computer mouse.

Other forms:
A) Project Entropia, Cash Vaccume, Hackers Bullseye, Homeless Maker Machine.

B) Entrope, Entropize
a)Dude, I converted all my money into EntropiaDollars, then they shut the servers down and now I'm broke.

b) Noo! Don't entrope me!!
by Macadaciouse May 09, 2004

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